The dreadful journey of the writing profession

The dreadful journey of the writing profession

Many famous authors and novelists, even some of them non fiction, all started this dreadful journey. This journey is definitely not for the faint of heart and it take a lot of dedication to eventually reach the top of anything. I feel that first time authors are not quite ready to go toe to toe with this and especially people who are only authors for the money. I believe that if money is your only goal, you will really be disappointed.

First of all, not a lot of people have the drive to write for nothing and at first this is what will happen, a person will write for nothing and after a while, without any book contracts or even online sales, people eventually give up. I have seen people with amazing talent and they just cannot complete their work make reap the rewards, they really want.

During the writing of my first short story and subsequent second follow up novel, I have really learned what hard work is. With my second novel almost ready to be released, I have found time to be very valuable and the early morning wake ups and hard work, are really beginning to pay off. As I write this post it is early in the morning hours and I have already spent more than one hour on my novel.

My advice to young aspiring authors will be to make sure you are really ready for the hard work before you set yourself up for disappointment.

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Becoming a successful author

Becoming a successful author

Many people tell us that writing a book is extremely hard and that is very true, writing takes time and a lot of money and effort. Especially if you want to make a living from it. I also started out with an idea and it took me months to put it all together and finally write a book.

So I wrote my first book, but I kept it short and more introductory to test out the waters, now with my second book, a novel, coming out shortly, I hope to build on the successes of the first one.

I would like to start of by encouraging all to write if that is your passion. Do not write with money as your main objective or you might be disappointed. Write about something you enjoy and head over to kindle to self publish your book, it is really as simple as that. Most of the greatest authors today started out with nothing and as self publishing authors, before the big companies snapped them up.

For my next blog I will be giving a few more tips on how to self publish and how to be an even more effective writer. How to manage your time more adequately and get even more done in shorter time.